New Theatre Magazine SUBMISSIONS

Technical Requirements

Accepted File Formats: .indd .pdf .txt .doc .docx .jpg .png
Email your submission to: 
with subject: "NTM Submission"

Submission Categories

  • Plays/Excerpts

  • Artist Profile

  • Company/Organization Profile

  • Theatre Book Reviews

  • Show Us Your Booths! - photographs of tech booths

  • Overheard in the Theatre - absurd quotes from the production process

  • Process Piece - Visual & photographic essays of the design process: set, light, sound, costume, prop, etc.

  • Art, Photography, Illustration, Comics

  • Something we haven't thought of yet...

General Submission Guidelines

New Theatre Magazine (NTM) is an independent theatre magazine released digitally through up to three times a year.
We are currently seeking submissions.


People of color, women, queer, trans, non-binary, neurodiverse, and disabled writers and contributors are especially encouraged to submit their work. We welcome submissions from anyone, anywhere in the world. Contributors must be age 13+.

What kind of content? 

Submissions must be theatre-related. Submissions can be literary or visual. Submissions can take on traditional or non-traditional formats. We accept works in translation provided that translators have obtained confirmation from the original copyright holder that the translation rights are available. We especially appreciate written pieces with multiple voices represented—be it in the form of an interview, dual writing prompt, a conversation or some other form authors may devise.


Submissions must be previously unpublished in print or online, and, if accepted, must not be published anywhere else before they are published in New Theatre Magazine. We request First International Print Rights but rights revert back to the author once a piece is published with us. Please mention that your piece was published by New Theatre Magazine first if submitting it elsewhere at a later date. Simultaneous submissions are fine, but let us know right away if accepted elsewhere.


No current deadline for future issues.


Yes! Our editorial contributors* and playwrights are compensated for their work. Payment for accepted submissions is TBD.
*Reader-submission column contributors (Overheard in the Theatre, Show Us Your Booths, What’s in Your Rehearsal Bag) are not paid.


Submissions are approved for inclusion at the discretion of the editorial team. The editorial team may decide to reach out about a piece submitted for inclusion in a future issue.


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