14: Julieta!


Holy Canoli, we're officially TWO WEEKS away from our Kickstarter Launch! Today we begin our Team Announcements! If you've been hanging around our website, you already know Julieta!

Julieta is a Seattle-based bilingual writer born and raised in Argentina. She holds an MA in English and a PhD in Spanish, both from Rutgers University . Her writing has appeared in journals in the U.S. and abroad. She’s the author of a book on the fictions of the Falklands War and the protagonist and co-scriptwriter of the award-winning film The Exact Shape of the Islands. She’s currently working on a collection of stories on love and war, with the support of an Artist Trust grant.

As a member of Parley , a Seattle Playwrights’ Group, Julieta had a workshop of her first full-length play, About Marilyn, this fall. Her second play, Iguazú, will be on stage in April of 2018. She’s thrilled to be embarking on a new great adventure as part of New Theatre Magazine’s editorial staff. | More at www.julietavitullo.com and on Twitter: julivitu