5: The Sign


T-5 Days to Kickstarter Launch!

We're so close, folks—prepping stills and clips for our Kickstarter video, building graphics and story, it's all coming together!

Today we have our third play announcement! The Sign by Jasmine Lomax, following a recently homeless man through his life and attempts to connect with rest of the humanity.


Jasmine Lomax is an actor, playwright, and director who is in her senior year at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, WA. She majors in Original Works, and she is absolutely thrilled to have her first original piece in New Theatre Magazine. With a generative heart, she hopes to apply that same concept into her works, to allow for easy interpretation and collaboration, the content packed with “controversial” themes that needs to be dissected thoroughly, which will lead to (she only hopes) thoughtful and constructive conversation within our communities.