10: Flower in the Desert


T-10 Days to Kickstarter Launch!

Today we announce the second play of our Pilot Issue, Flowers in the Desert by Hannah Merrill.

CHARACTERS: Lily, Roxanne
SETTING: Outside a café in Seattle, Washington.
TIME: A summer night.

You'll have to wait for our Pilot Issue to hear the rest!

Hannah Merrill |  Photo by: Sharon D'Amico

Hannah Merrill | Photo by: Sharon D'Amico

Hannah Merrill is a devoted Seattle resident, and a (sometimes exasperated) student of the city's faults and virtues. Her workshopped plays include Triceratops Love Song, The Orchid and the Skull, Crocodile Plays the Drum, Magpie and Marita, and Crooked Grace. In her work, she enjoys pondering questions of morality, family, gender, and imagination. She is a proud member of Parley Productions, whose members give her invaluable feedback on her writing. She also loves meandering walks, feminist fantasy books, gender-bent Shakespeare, and her friends and family.