Non-Profit Advertising Lottery

New Theatre Magazines offers a number of advertising slots to Non-profit Organizations for free every issue. Entries will be assigned a number and winners will be chosen via random number generator. Advertisement placement is also determined via random number generator.

LOTTERY ENTRY DEADLINE: September 10th @ 12am EST
All winning advertisements will be required to be submitted by September 18th for inclusion in the Digital Edition released on September 25th. See specifications under GENERAL ADVERTISING section below.

General Advertising

New Theatre Magazine offers 10 full page advertising slots per print issue, with a single-issue advertising contract. Rates may vary per issue. Additional slots are available for inclusion in digital editions only. 

Email your interest in advertising to: 
with subject: "NTM Advertising Inquiry"
In the body of your email: Please include an introduction about why you're interested in this project with relevant links & info on your business.

Please feel free to contact NTM with any questions!

Advertising Requirements & Specifications

— no hate speech, no threatening, abusive, slanderous, insulting language
— no racism, sexism, ableism, ageism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, fatphobia, religious intolerance, or otherwise discriminatory language.
— no frontal, below-the-waist nudity
— must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of a 3rd party
— must directly relate to your organization and/or products
— must not be misleading, false, or fraudulent

— Full Page Ad dimensions: 8" x 10" [ with additional .125" bleed (if applicable) ]
— Half Page Ad dimensions: 8" x 5" [ with additional .125" bleed (if applicable) ]
— CMYK color (we will convert to RGB for digital editions)
— at least 240 dpi, 300 preferred (yes, even if you are submitting for digital)
— accepted format: .jpg,  flattened .pdf or .psd,  packaged .indd

Relevant Info:
— Please see our manifesto, regarding the NTM ethos when considering your investment in advertising with New Theatre Magazine
— We recommend an advertisement promoting your organization in general / your mission, as opposed to time-specific/sensitive content, due to unknowns in our production process and releases.
— Placement of advertisements will be chosen at random; each advertisement will be assigned a number and a random number generator will be used to decide what number gets placed in the locations assigned to our Non-profit Advertisers.
— All advertisers will be automatically added to our newsletter mailing list.